MMoSH – Mathematically Making our Stories Heard

Want to get together with other STEM folks in a low key setting and talk about what it is like to to fail and succeed in our journey? Join us Tuesdays at 7 p.m. in the MPC area (the common area of 2nd floor Olds/Upton Hall) starting week 2! You will get together with other STEM people, read stories of resilience along the mathematical journey (from the book Living Proof), reflect, share, and meet amazing mathematicians (like Pamela Harris, who is coming to K at the end of January). Each week we will meet for either a reading reflection and share-out (with peer mentors from Sukuma OU!) or a fireside chat with authors.

If you would like to join our Tuesday meetings virtually, please use this Microsoft Teams link.

A survey. Whether or not you participate in the MMoSH project, we would like to hear from you about different aspects of your relationship with mathematics. The survey should take 10-20 minutes to complete depending on the length of your responses. Your response will help us greatly, as they will give us some insight in the efficacy of the MMoSH project.