Math Colloquium Credit (MC2)

As a graduation requirement in Mathematics, the Mathematics Colloquium Credit (popularly known as MC2) provides an opportunity for students to reflect on and write about their mathematical experiences.

In addition to attending lectures and conferences, students are encouraged to learn through engaging in the broadest range of mathematical activities.  Some examples are: participation in mathematics competitions, Putnam examinations, externships, some types of service learning and research experiences.  

Each mathematics major will document his/her attendance at 10 colloquia at K and selected events elsewhere approved by the Mathematics Department faculty.  This part of the requirement is to ensure that each math student will make the acquaintance of mathematics and mathematicians that aren’t available in any other venue at K. 

Each mathematics major will complete 3 MC2 written reflections—an essay or presentation in which she/he will describe significant personal experience of mathematics.  Each written work will include clear and effective prose, together with correctly type-set mathematical symbolism.  Each student essay will be no less than two LaTeX pages and each student talk will be no less than 15 minutes.

See Kristen Eldred or Dr. Barth in the math department for more details. Also check out the calendar of MC2 events.