Summer Research Opportunities

This list of Summer Research & REU (Research Experience for Undergrads) sites are based on information we have received from the respective institutions – the NSF (National Science Foundation) program listing will likely offer a more complete listing of REU opportunities.  Deadlines range form the end of January through March, depending on the program.  Sites are often not updated by the institution until late in the fall quarter, some as late as January.  If you are interested in an REU program that has not updated their website, contact them to see if the program will be available. Programs with an asterisk* are open to international students.
Please be mindful that some REUs start before our spring term ends. If the REU program does not allow you to start after you complete your spring term, you will need permission from your instructors to leave Kalamazoo College early.

Remember to visit the Center for Career and Professional Development website for help and additional information.